Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charleston, SC

Typical street scene in Charleston, SC

Posted by Melissa
The record breaking heat continued as we visited Charleston SC. We were lucky to find a cute hotel right in the center of the historic district, The Anchorage Inn. This was one of our splurge hotels. With so many weeks on the road it is nice to splurge once in a while - just can't do that everynight! This little boutique hotel was built in 1840 as a cotton warehouse and is located just a block off the river and a cute waterfront park. It was wonderful to be able to walk right out our door and past the centuries old homes, tree lined cobblestone steets, churches and public buildings of this beautiful town. We especially enjoyed wondering through several of the many art galleries in town and peeking into hidden courtyards and gardens.
We found that Charleston is one of America's most beautifully preserved architectural and historic treasures, with lots of history: The first decisive American victory during the Revolution occurred at the Battle of Fort Sullivan and the initial shots of the Civil War were fired on Union troops stationed at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Historic plaques were around every corner giving us a good background of this intriguing city.

The bridge out of town was just as lovely as the town itself.

Once again - we are on the road. We are continually amazed at just how green the roads are with grass up to the edge of the pavement and miles of green forest along the highway. Quit different from "Golden" California.
Thane is missing his art classes and particularly misses painting. Since all of his art supplies are packed and in storage he hasn't been able to paint - so we stopped in a small town and he picked up some basic watercolor supplies. We found this cute scene along the road outside of Charleston.
And Thane chose that scene to test out his new watercolors. I sure wish I could paint like that!

Up next: Outer Banks, Winston-Salem, and Charlottesville, VA and Montecello. (We are in Charlottesville now and the heat wave has FINALLY relented with temps in the 80's today!!! Still high humidity so it is plenty warm but we are finally feeling like walking around a bit more)

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