Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lucy & Chautauqua

Posted by Melissa
We headed from Niagara Falls to Chicago via the scenic Chautauqua area of New York - thanks in part to my son Spencer who called us after reading a travel article on this area. Jamestown,NY is Lucille Ball's hometown. We stopped by the Lucy-Desi Museum and really enjoyed seeing all the photos, costumes, and memorabilia. We watched some of the old TV clips and really enjoyed her character's silly antics.

I am continually impressed with the age and character of the towns we have seen on the east coast. Even the alleys are interesting - this is in downtown Jamestown where both the sreets and alleys are paved with brick.We drove around the lake stopping for lunch in Bemus Point. We stumbled upon the Hotel Lenhart, a quintessential east coast resort overlooking the lake. This hotel has been owned and operated by the same family since 1881. Is this old school or what??The prices are not too bad considering that they include both a full breakfast and full dinner. The prices are less on the second and third floors because there is no elevator.I think I could manage to while away a few days here!As we continued our drive around the lake we found that there is a sizable Amish community here as well. Our drive through the Pennysilvania Dutch area was on a Sunday so the Amish were not working, but instead were out and about visiting. This time it was a work day and we saw a farmer working the fields..and several Amish men building a barn.Hey Spence - This is your kind of country - check out what we found at a country gas station.....
Yep - that is a bait dispenser machine!

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