Monday, May 26, 2008

Texas Hill Country

Posted by Thane

Hours and hours of dry plains in Texas finally leads you into a prettier, wetter area called the "Hill Country". Leaving the Walmart of Pecos behind and finding a cuter little town like Fredericksburg was a great relief. I know a couple of people from this area but alas, Tom and Nancy were in Tahiti and Gina was down at the local "Burning Man".

We were on our own, with a walking tour of the town from the local visitor center, discovering the town and local German influence. This town was settled by German farmers in 1846. There were many German restaurants, our favorite was Der Lindenbaum,

as well as bakeries and upscale clothing and furniture stores all on boardwalk style, covered sidewalks.

My favorite store was an old five and dime that had just about everything you could possibly need.
Just an hour or so out of San Antonio this was a beautiful little town to spend a day in.

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Ceili said...

Wow you guys! I am so excited for you! To share such a wonderful experience together and explore all kinds of neat places together is so wonderful; something I've always wanted to do. My dad liked your stalagmite too, Thane! hehe. I love the pictures, the pueblos, artwork and the different stores are great to get a visual of the neat places you guys are going. I am definitely taking notes! Maybe next summer I can follow in your footsteps! hehe. It's great that you guys are having such a good time. I haven't been anywhere in the NW, so I don't have any personal suggestions, but I'll get out my Adventure magazines and see if there is anything they suggest! I know I've seen many things in those places that I've wanted to go. Well, take care, drive safe and have a great time. Thanks for taking us along! I miss you!