Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sold the house

Posted by Thane
May 12th
We sold our house in Grass Valley and started on an 8 week adventure around the country until we can get in to our Bellingham house on July 4th. We went down to Mammoth Lakes where Spencer, Melissa's 25 year old works. We had a great dinner, shared some beers and he set us up in a condo there at the resort. The next day we went out to breakfast where Spencer and his buddy Tommy were making their plans for a week of fly fishing. We took off for Las Vegas via Death Valley. The wildflowers were pretty well gone as the temperature was in the 90's already but what a valley! I didn't realize it was so huge and had so many mountains.

We stayed on the strip at the Monte Carlo, a big casino next to New York, New York we got for $65 on priceline. It was a beautiful room with a great view. A great place to stay where we could walk to all the clubs. We saw the fountain show at Bellagio, missed the pirate ship at Treasure Island(wind) and cruised the underground mall at Caesars. There we had a lobster roll better than anything we could find in Maine last fall!

We toured Hoover Dam on our way down to Phoenix, absolutely amazing what they built in 5 years in the 30's.

In Phoenix we stayed with my daughter, Cynthia and her husband, Randy and their 5 kids. They have a large, new house where we had our own bedroom. What a great visit, we got to see the 2 younger girls dress rehearsal of their upcoming play, watch the older boys suffer through finals and hear about Ashley's job interviews. Melissa liked especially cuddling on the couch reading with the girls and Jack the dog.


Bob and Rosemary said...

Dear Melissa & Thane,
Thanks for including us on your blog email. We also took an extended trip across the U.S. when we moved from Phoenix to Italy in 2005. ( It was an incredible experience and we had a blast seeing the diversity of America, from the canyon lands and rugged west to the farms and rolling hills, to the cities in the east. It was all wonderful. I know too how much it meant knowing that our friends were out there following along. So Buon Viaggio to you both! Happy Travels!
Rosemary & Bob

Atwater Computer Consulting Blog said...

Nice journal, keep it up. I'm waiting to hear about New Orleans, especially, and what music you'll hear there. I remember Mom liked San Antonio a lot too. By the way, the peppers probably would have been OK if not followed bt the Hot Tamale..right?

Linda & Don said...

Hi you two! Can't wait to see you. While in NOLA don't miss taking a drive out to Evergreen Plantation. Make a reservation for a tour & your can have a nice lunch there first. I've also heard San Francisco plantation is excellent. Skip Laura--NOT good. Also, a ride alont Hwy 90 to Biloxi & lunch at Mary Mahoney's is a good idea. That drive will show you the full impact of Katrina--very sobering. Enjoy NOLA & have a hurricane for us...L&D