Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kizkalesi - Lazy Days in the Sun

Posted by Melissa
September 23 to September 28, 2010

After a busy week of sightseeing in Göreme, we headed to Kizkalesi on the southern coast of Turkey.

Our plans ? ? ?  Lay around, get some sun, eat, sleep, repeat.  We did a fine job of it starting with our room with a view of the castle and beach.

It was very easy to laze around here.  Just about everything you could wish for is brought to you right on the beach.  Here are two of the sarong sellers.

Then the simit seller strolls by with his wares balanced on his head.

The çai man and his son.

Ah, hot çai at the beach!  There was also vendors selling hot ears of corn on the beach, and beer and icecream vendors on the boardwalk.  Not a bad life at all!

A little swim for me (in my new bikini!)

and one for Thane too!  The water was just cool enough to be refreshing and it was so shallow that we had to walk out about 300 feet to get up to our shoulders in the water. 

A relaxing day people watching on the beach - cute little ones,

babies with their grandmas,

naked - just perfect for the beach!

Or fully clothed, depending on your preference.

Or dressed somewhere in between.

A little tavla before dinner.

Walk to a nearby cafe for dinner with fresh, hot from the wood fired oven, bread.

Then stroll the boardwalk in the evening after dinner.

Repeat for 6 days. . . . .

Good night moon, goodnight castle, goodnight beautiful warm Mediterranean water.  I've loved being here.

Up next:  9 hour bus ride, on cliffs, to our next destination, the old town, Kaleiçi area of Antalya.

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