Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tuesday Market at Tire

Posted by Thane

September 7, 2010
About a half an hours dolmus ride from Selçuk is a small village where the locals purchase most their needs for the week. We were told that in Tire (pronounced Tee-ray) we would find most women in traditional dress and very few tourists. We started to see this as we rode the dolmus out of town and stopped at each small settlement along the way to pick up Tuesday shoppers.

We wandered off into the congested, covered streets to find everything from clothing, fruits and vegetables, lace and dry goods to the donkey saddle maker.

Melissa found it hard to not purchase something with so many beautiful things available. But if we buy anything, we have to eliminate something else in our already stuffed backpacks. If we can't eat it, drink it or store it digitally we probably just have to look.

While some of the local shoppers rested their feet,
we stopped by the one of the many old Mosques in town for a respite from the crowds and noise.

We strolled past the men having tea and discussions outside the Mosque and wandered down little back streets with beautiful colors on our way back to the dolmus stand for our ride back to Selçuk.

We stayed a couple more days in Selçuk enjoying the town and going to the beach.

Next up: Pamukkale, a Unesco World Heritage Site with hot springs, travertine pools and the Sacred Pool at Hierapolis.

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