Sunday, September 19, 2010

StarClipper and the Greek Islands

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We left Athens aboard the Star Clipper, a four masted sailing ship on August 21st for Santorini.  The ship had 143 passengers on this 14 day charter which included the Greek Islands, Alexandria Egypt and a few ports in Turkey.
The Star Clipper

view from my massage area
Pool and Deck area
Morning on deck
The first night at sea was a bit rough with the the ship rocking and rolling all night.  The ship's staff had set the morning breakfast place settings in the dining room after dinner and we could hear the crashing of dishes as the ship would list. From this night on the seas were calmer much to Melissa's chagrin.  She loved the rocking at night.

In Santorini we only had 6 hours to explore so as soon as we were anchored out and could get on a tender (small boat holding 40 people) we went in to the port.  There are three ways of getting up to the top to town of Thira.  The first was a cable car which had about a 45 minute wait.  The second was riding a donkey up to the top.  The third was hiking up the 588 steps which is what we chose.  Extremely hot and fragrant (donkeys ya know) but the views were amazing and the little town cute although touristy.

Looking back down on the donkey trail we had climbed

Church at the top
View of town

View from the cable car on the way down
The next Island we went to was Rhodes where we hiked up to the clock tower for a view of the city. Lots of great photo ops in this walled city which was home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
Entrance to the walled city

View from the clock tower
We also stopped at Patmos and Paros, two very small islands with quintessential blue and white buildings and small restaurants overlooking the water. 

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