Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hiking & Vaudeville

Posted by Thane
I just wanted to keep up the Bellingham connection and we definitely prefer goofing off in this beautiful weather rather than unpacking boxes! This weekend we went to Whatcom Falls Park.
It was one of the first places we visited in Bellingham when we came up here 2 years ago. One of the reasons we fell in love with this area was the wonderful trail system that they have right in the city. Whatcom Falls Park is just one of many and is a 241 acre park right in the middle of the city with over 8 miles of trails within the park. This bridge was part of the WPA project in the 1930's. There is a bench to sit and view the falls. A beautiful forest in the middle of the city. The trails lead throughout the park to many of the neighborhoods in town.
After the hike we went to Boulevard Park on the Bay to see the Aqua-Chautauqua Vaudeville show. There was a flyer at our local library, it was free, and just a short walk away so we couldn't resist. We found out later that this group was in Grass Valley in February and this tour was dedicated to Utah Phillips! It was an amazing show with lots of stuff for the kids to do and great entertainment for the adults.

Great music with a 15 piece band. Juggling, acrobatics and comedy for all. Great people watching in the crowd.
Well, wish you all were here. We should have our place fixed up for guests fairly soon and we love company. Also we would LOVE to hear from anyone on our blog list. Tell us how you're doing and whats new.

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